Meditation on Psalm 119:57-64, one verse at a time

The Lord is my portion; I have promised to keep Your words. Ps. 119:57

When I was a new Christian, 21 years old and fresh out of college, all life was new. New location (Maryland), new career (teaching music), new church and friends. New is sometimes terrifying.  Many, many, many days began or continued with me crying out to the Lord for wisdom and strength.  All success in those days was due entirely to Him, because frankly, I was an inexperienced teacher and a small town girl living in the Big World.

I learned to read the Bible daily and to apply it.  After a lifetime in education that pretends there are no absolutes, I found it refreshing to hear it straight: This is how this life works. Reject this truth and we will suffer natural consequences.

I promised I would spend ten minutes a day in a formal Quiet Time, reading and praying, every day for the rest of my life. (The speaker suggested five minutes, but in my hubris and ignorance–I had no children at the time!–I vowed ten.) Wisdom has always been my greatest need and my steadfast prayer. Please, God, don’t let me be a fool; let me learn Your wisdom so I may walk in a manner that pleases You and blesses others. I am happiest when I keep His Word.

But truthfully, in my middle-age I have relaxed from the tenacity of my youth. A common condition, I think. When I consider just how much young people need wise mentors today, remembering my desperate pleas for one, I know I do not have the luxury of complacency.  It is as important to keep God’s Word today as it was when I had responsibility I was inadequate to meet. I may be more competent but somehow total sufficiency eludes me.  Still need that wisdom!

The Lord is my portion, everything I truly need, the source of all supply. Help me remember my need, so I may face You with my hands empty and open.

About lettersfromheartscontent

Mother of six, wife to a forester and educator, former homeschool teacher and tutor with Classical Conversations. Now retired from teaching music at a small Christian school. In my retirement I am quilting, decluttering, and calling country dances--contra dances and more for people in my community who want to get out again.
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1 Response to Meditation on Psalm 119:57-64, one verse at a time

  1. bonafidelife says:

    Amen. His word brings us everything we need. Every hope, comfort, and courage in just the right measure, at just the right time. Praise Him! :)

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