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Dappled Days; Home for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we traveled to Mom-and-Dad’s.  For a few years we have been having Thanksgiving here in Vermont, and her home makes mine feel like a rustic log cabin (which it basically is). We watched How to Train a Dragon … Continue reading

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What Incompatibility?

In my opinion, it is not possible for religion to find a set of metaphysical ideas which will be guaranteed not to get into conflicts with an ever advancing and always changing science which is going into an unknown.  We don’t know … Continue reading

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Starting with a Good Breakfast

My kids are working hard. Their studies keep them at their desks all day long.  Granted, they could improve in the way they spend their precious time (couldn’t we all?) but the truth is, they have a lot to do … Continue reading

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Teaching Logic Inferences

I found large sheets of foamcore at Wal-mart for under $5,  I sliced some  2″ strips, out of which I cut rectangles of varying sizes. All/No doesn’t need a big rectangle, but P/non-P does. I also found magnet strips in … Continue reading

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