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Day 15. National Poetry Month

I was looking forward to sharing poetry with my secondary school music students this year. While my Classical Conversations students were used to conversation sloshing across all subject boundaries, my Music students are only now getting used to it. (I … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different…

I am coming out of the closet. I here confess a great weakness: I don’t like to stay focused on one new interest very long. I reach a point where I feel I have learned the steps and I move … Continue reading

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A Practicum in Grace

Dear Reader, I am sitting at a table before a soot-stained fireplace at a wee wood-shingled library in coastal Rhode Island. Just coming off my final practicum for Classical Conversations, I am resting with friends in their tiny cottage two … Continue reading

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Thoughts on “Don’t Stay In School”

The other night I told my friend Katharine about David Brown’s scathing rebuke of education in England. She experienced the English school system herself. To my surprise, she confirmed important parts of his critique. When my 15 year old son … Continue reading

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A Little Excitement Today

You have to understand my son likes to sit in the backseat of the minivan and prefers to ride the 50 minutes to Classical Conversations in silence. Sometimes Abraham reads for class; sometimes in the rear view mirror I see … Continue reading

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What I Did for My Summer Vacation

Well, my friends, it has been a long time. The constant tug I feel for spinning thoughts into poetry (of one kind or another) sometimes performs work of a different kind. This summer it generated letters with actual stamps, an … Continue reading

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Introductory Letter to My Challenge III Class

For our first class in August 2014, I requested each student write a letter about themselves, answering questions about their history and their favorites. In cleaning off my desk today I found my own letter.  Dear class, Thank you for sketching your character … Continue reading

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The Seven Laws of Teaching

Let’s see. I entered Kindergarten at four years old, and except for six early years of my marriage, I have been on the school schedule ever since. My friends, that is a total of 44 years. I reel. Twenty years … Continue reading

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Challenge B Rules

Let me state this plainly: the Challenge B tutor has the best position in Classical Conversations. We wrestle Logic to the floor, we train opinionated kids to argue, and we watch children grow up into young men and women attorneys … Continue reading

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Mock Trial TImeline

Dear Readers, This post is for Challenge B tutors who, like me, are working on the monumental task of preparing our students for Mock Trial in May. During the research phase of the project we are creating a timeline.  Last … Continue reading

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