Invitation to a Thanksgiving of Song, Books, and Poetry

Yesterday I sent out Thanksgiving invitations to Mom and Dad, Aunt Mary, and my sister’s family. Remembering the laughter of the last Thanksgiving here, when Dad lip-synched the chorus of “The Witch Doctor” to my daughter’s singing behind a curtain, I made plans to make our gathering sparkle again.

Behind my husband’s chair at the head of the table is a double glass door, which we will open again. I will hang floor length dark curtains to create a stage in that opening. This year, instead of impromptu performances forced upon my good-natured guests, I have them preparing three things: a review of a book or movie they found outstanding, a family song or skit to be performed in the stage, and a haiku. These I’ll scatter at the place settings and we’ll read them one at a time, hoping to identify each author.

Never again will we have the experience of scarfing down a complex dinner in a quarter of an hour and staring blankly at each other afterwards. I have a funny family.  All they need is a little momentum for this quirky train to go rolicking down the tracks.

About lettersfromheartscontent

Mother of six, wife to a forester and educator, former homeschool teacher and tutor with Classical Conversations. Now retired from teaching music at a small Christian school. In my retirement I am quilting, decluttering, and calling country dances--contra dances and more for people in my community who want to get out again.
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2 Responses to Invitation to a Thanksgiving of Song, Books, and Poetry

  1. bonafidelife says:

    wow! you are a task-master! LOL Sounds like a lot of fun. I doubt I could motivate my children to take part in events of that level, but you have definitely inspired me to ‘assign’ them something to ‘present’ after dinner. Just say “NO” to blank stares. :)

  2. Hoot! It is my father who will dig his heels in!
    My son, home from college this evening, told us one:
    Haikus are great
    Sometimes they don’t make sense

    I told him he has to write one better….

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