I write because I think about so many things! And I compose far more essays than I publish because most never make it to the keyboard.

As of June 2022 I am retired from classroom teaching. I will have more time to give my various interests, such as blogging, quilting, and composing. I am really interested in building community through country dancing: contras, circles, and maybe New England squares (I haven’t danced many so this scares me!) If you live in south-central Vermont, look me up!

I hope to rope in a wide range of people and give them that magical experience of moving in synchrony together to awesome music. My dance name is Hootin’ and Holleran Country Dances and my website is https://rutheholleran.wixsite.com/hootin-and-holleran

6 Responses to About

  1. “Writing is how to learn to write. It is cheaper than taking a writing course!”
    So true!

    • True, isn’t it? Forcing ourselves to write for publication–which is what we do when we presume to keep a blog–takes our writing to a new level. We cannot be sloppy! We have to choose our words carefully while working within time constraints. We learn to be efficient and concise.

      Thanks for your company, Amirah.

    • Yep. Where to you live?

  2. Vermont. You? Near Joshua trees, evidently! Saw the video. Very impressive!

  3. Martha Bildt says:

    I am in my sixth year of tutoring Essentials and I love your heart for education and for the Lord, so I am writing in reference to your article in CC’s Writer’s Circle entitled Five Ways To Give Thanks for 1000 Gifts in which you recommend Ann Voskamp’s book. I’m concerned about the infiltration of the New Age into the church, an area in which I have personal experience.  Ann Voskamp’s book is a good example of Christian New Age Teaching, which is very dangerous.   Here is a link to a credible, Bible-centered, well-researched website which gives more details:
    I humbly ask you to read it. God richly bless you and all of us as we continue to discern The Truth. Martha Bildt

    • Hi Martha,

      Thank you for writing and for your kind words. I’ll read the critique of Ann Voskamp’s book when I get home from community day tomorrow. I’m sure there is good criticism there, for certainly no work is pure and this one is certainly not mainstream! I don’t find everything she writes to my taste and some of what she says raises my eyebrows. But one thing Classical Conversations has done for me is teach me how to handle an idea without being taken in, and have a conversation with it. Perhaps there are new Christians who will be misled by this book but the mature ones, no. We can all take to heart the message to give thanks to God in and for all things–that’s for sure!

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