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#TBT Organic

“I want to be a part of something bigger than myself.” I hear this more and more lately, an expression of our natural desire to know meaning and purpose in our lives.  Granted, some people seem to be satisfied to … Continue reading

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Verses from a Vermont Hilltop

I found a book of poetry on the coffee table at the Ears, Nose and Throat office in Springfield, and borrowed it. Unless urgency insists I carry something to the house when I arrive at home, some items can get … Continue reading

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As promised, here is a picture of my new bike, as yet unnamed. It is also a ‘before’ picture to which we will look back and marvel. With God’s help I will stop thinking like a 30 year old and … Continue reading

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Forward Motion

This week my students and my daughter are studying Inferences of Categorical Statements in Logic, taking a midterm on all the declensions in Latin, writing a paper on what they would be willing to work two years to accomplish, doing … Continue reading

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Whether We Will Weather the Wild Weather

Robbo says we in New England live at the end of a weather funnel.  Weather from the southern US and from the west converges on our region, like water going down a drain. At the Montshire Museum in Norwich Vermont … Continue reading

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Working on a Bridge

Did you see the covered bridge that went downstream when hurricane Irene slammed Vermont? The Bartonsville covered bridge used to stand a mile downstream from where I live. Every Tuesday on our way to Classical Conversations we would drive through … Continue reading

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I have no words.  Just saw my first videos of the tsunami. I have heard from one Labo daughter, Kanae, who lives in the south. She has not been physically affected, but she grieves. The other is from Kawasaki, near … Continue reading

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Give Me a Break

I felt tiny pricks of guilt now and again. Leaving the kids home with their college-age brother who would be more interested in doing his computer project than supervising chores. Supporting the conversion of a former farming community into a … Continue reading

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Running away

My dad used to tell us four girls, “The first to get married gets the big wedding. The rest get $200 and a ladder.” Well, twenty-three years ago my childhood sweetheart and I got married in a snowstorm in Vermont. … Continue reading

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Evil Emily, GPS

“Always trust your instruments,” my husband says.  And that’s how we got into trouble, for not only was Emily linked to a satellite, but she spoke that cultivated Queen’s English that commanded our respect. We did not suspect our danger. … Continue reading

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