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“I want to be a part of something bigger than myself.” I hear this more and more lately, an expression of our natural desire to know meaning and purpose in our lives.  Granted, some people seem to be satisfied to … Continue reading

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Clowning Around

My son and I drove out last Thursday evening to see a clown. He was a local boy who went off to clown college and stayed with Ringling Brothers circus for several years before coming home to Saxtons River.  He … Continue reading

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I have been scrambling this week in response to some unwelcome news.  Of the two students I have in my all-day seminar, only one is returning. The second, a bright girl I was getting to know, will be big sister … Continue reading

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Gift Wrapped

We all have them, those memories that make us squirm and cringe.  Whether excruciatingly embarrassing or justly condemning, we have a permanent record of some really stupid moves. Like the time I swore a blue-streak at a pretty decent guy … Continue reading

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Taking the Challenge

All right, I’m going for it.  My goal is to post at least once a week. I am taking the Word Press challenge to write regularly. That was my goal all along, but I have been hindered by the sense … Continue reading

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