And now for something completely different…

I am coming out of the closet.

I here confess a great weakness: I don’t like to stay focused on one new interest very long. I reach a point where I feel I have learned the steps and I move on to learn another. I retain my love for it but look forward to something else to tackle.

This bothers me because I have never found the One Thing to focus on in my blog. I tell stories of home; I ponder in poetry. (This is why I called my blog “Letters from Heart’s Content”, as it includes both stories that happen here at home, but also some posts that could be considered a faint, distant echo of belles lettres, “literature that is an end in itself and not merely informative; specifically:  light, entertaining, and often sophisticated literature.” [Meriam-Webster Dictionary] Well. One can aspire.)

So, my blog doesn’t have a focus, and I have strained my brain in vain to figure out my thing. I follow bloggers who have expertise in their area of interest and become my teachers. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have something to offer, I think to myself. But here I am, ten years wide and five minutes deep. About many things I know more than a little, but less than a lot. And what is the offering in that?

And now we come to the closet.

The spiders have convinced me to leave the brooms and brush off the cobwebs; I itch to write something, anything! So, having explained that I am making no pretensions of being a guide to anyone, I am going to just tell you what new trouble I am into. With pictures.

Breakfast with Sproul

This was my breakfast one day last week, which I enjoyed in the garden along with my reading assignment for Philosophy class.

Breakfast in the garden

My low carb “high fat” meal had scrambled eggs and cheese, blanched broccoli from the garden, tomatoes off the vine with fresh olive oil, steamed chard, blackberries and cream, orange slices, and a low carb stevia-sweetened blueberry scone. The scone’s base in almond meal and coconut flour, and the stevia sweetener is a mix of erythritol and pure stevia.

The colors and variety make food exciting to me again, but I threw out the scone. I tried to like it, I really did; it is just not enough like a real one. Erythritol gives me cramps, too. It helped me break my addiction to sugar but I think I can go forward without the sugar alcohol.

Out of curiosity one day last week I wrote a list of all those things that have captured my interest in recent years:

  • Low Carb High Fat way of living to manage diabetes
  • the bullet journal
  • Bento box lunches
  • hygge (esp in the winter)
  • the Meyers-Briggs personalities
  • creating a homeschool graduation yearbook with Shutterfly
  • retelling the stories of our lives
  • the Trim Healthy Mama way of feeding our bodies
  • gluten free baking
  • English cottage gardening
  • fire cooking
  • Dutch oven cooking
  • rhetorical devices: schemes and tropes for delight and understanding
  • poetry
  • local history
  • New England culture
  • making my own kombucha
  • playing Celtic tunes on my Mountain ocarina
  • writing arrangements for the family to sing
  • time management/productivity systems
  • Classical Conversations

So, dropping the idea of becoming the go-to blog for any one thing, I write instead about a variety of topics. The world is full of such wonder! Let me show you what I have discovered.

About lettersfromheartscontent

Mother of six, wife to a forester and educator, former homeschool teacher and tutor with Classical Conversations. Now retired from teaching music at a small Christian school. In my retirement I am quilting, decluttering, and calling country dances--contra dances and more for people in my community who want to get out again.
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7 Responses to And now for something completely different…

  1. Elizabeth Blalack says:

    Your recent post inspired me to give THM a second look, after I gave it a pass a year or so ago. I love the little snippets of the posts that come by the subscription email. I’m always like, “That sounds like me, I’d better go read it.”

    • Go for it! I learned a lot from that book and am finding success with THM S meals. I can’t remember if I say so in the post, but I find I do better sticking with S meals; my insulin resistance doesn’t handle E meals well. See what you think of the plan!

  2. Katy Noelle says:

    I love you!! 😊💗

  3. Took me way too long to figure this out. But look at you: photography, and a unique style. You do have focus! …and I love you too. :o)

  4. Happy to find your here again. Whatever gets snagged as it crosses your mind, please do comment on it. You bring your own unique perspective to any topic. It also serves as expanding the reader’s awareness. We all have limited time to read and study; sharing what we discover enriches us all. As for being a ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none,’ you are in good company. It is a time-honored tradition.

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