Robbo’s Fresh Garlic Pickles Recipe

Robbo's pickles are ready.In cucumber season, whenever we go to a party, Robbo brings a gallon jar of his garlic pickles.  They are crisp, just salty and vinegary enough, and zippy with garlic. Everyone likes them, even people who say they don’t like pickles and are pretty much forced to try one anyway. This is his recipe.

First, cut your cucumbers into spears. We like pickling cukes best but you can use salad cukes too. Cut the large ones into six spears, medium into four, and small ones in half. Pack the cukes into a one gallon jar. (You can do this by the quart, if you like. The brine can be adjusted proportionately.)

For a gallon, sprinkle on top three tablespoons of sea salt, one teaspoon freshly ground black pepper, and about a quarter cup of freshly pressed garlic. (Really.)

In a separate bowl mix one part white vinegar with two parts water. For the gallon it is usually about 5-6 cups total, depending on how densely he packed the jar. So, about two cups vinegar, and four cups water. Pour this over the salt, pepper, and garlic to fill the jar. Cover and shake to combine.

Chill in the fridge. They are ready the next day. Enjoy them over several days, or eat them in one sitting with a group of friends.

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Mother of six, wife to a forester and educator, formerly homeschool teacher and tutor with Classical Conversations. Now teaching music at a small Christian school. I enjoy dabbling in acrylic paints in my spare time, composing for my family and for my choir, and visiting with my family regularly on Hangouts.
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