Rhetorical Devices Series, Part I: Overview

Here is my article, an overview of rhetorical devices, posted on Classical Conversations’ Writer’s Circle.


I’m not posting here so those who come here from that site will see new material.

I am really enjoying my study of stylistic devices and I am ready to start the next one, “Schemes.”

About lettersfromheartscontent

Mother of six, wife to a forester and educator, formerly homeschool teacher and tutor with Classical Conversations. Now teaching music at a small Christian school. I enjoy dabbling in acrylic paints in my spare time, composing for my family and for my choir, and visiting with my family regularly on Hangouts.
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1 Response to Rhetorical Devices Series, Part I: Overview

  1. godsbooklover says:

    Thanks for the link to this article. Excellent writing, and excellent examples of good writing! Delightful and challenging…you make me want to write more and write better.

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