Writing Letters

Attention, my two readers!

Letters from Heart’s Content has been brought under new management. (That’s still me.)  I am making some changes around here and blogging is a part of it.  I have kept a journal since I was 14 years old, because I seem to process life through a pen.   I love the flow of thought down my arm and into words. I marvel at the process of half-grasped concepts crystallizing into fully shaped form. I love words! They have to power to inform, encourage, create something new.

It is time to move from private journal writing to a public offering. Here is the plan: a tip a week for the busy homeschool mother and tutor. I explain the problem, the solution I think will fix it, and then show the results.  Keeping things real, I’m going to give you the ugly as well as the absolutely terrific, but I have been on this tour of duty since 1994 and I am pretty good at figuring out what might actually work.

So, welcome to The Practical Tutor series.

About lettersfromheartscontent

Mother of six, wife to a forester and educator, formerly homeschool teacher and tutor with Classical Conversations. Now teaching music at a small Christian school. I enjoy dabbling in acrylic paints in my spare time, composing for my family and for my choir, and visiting with my family regularly on Hangouts.
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