Signs of the Season

After stacking wood on the porch and cleaning up, I noticed this tableau.

About lettersfromheartscontent

Mother of six, homeschool teacher, tutor with Classical Conversations, wife to a forester and educator. I tend a perennial garden with a riot of blossoms, ride my bicycle in and out of the watershed, play ocarina and a boom-chick accompaniment when my kids feel like playing contradance music. I love being home, but I love an open road and adventure, too. Classical Conversations' Writers Circle carries my article on some aspect of classical education once a month.
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2 Responses to Signs of the Season

  1. This would make a great calendar page…quintessential October!

  2. Unposed–honest! I love my three black cats. We don’t think of them as sinister, at all.

    The sad thing is, though this was taken mid-October, that was looong ago now that we are in an early winter.

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