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The Mediterranean Diet

I came across this image today as I was following up on my recent post about fresh olive oil. The older I get, the more my Mediterranean genes are expressing; on my mother’s side I am all Sicilian, while my … Continue reading

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Leaves in a Bottle

Once upon a time, a few years ago, Robbo came home with a bottle of olive oil. A client had given it to him. It was a used wine bottle with a homemade label, announcing the family olive grove in … Continue reading

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My Latest Bent

Thanks to my friend Glenna, who is working her way through the recipes in Effortless Bento, I have a new interest: bento box lunches. Here is what lunch looks like today: For Robbo: For my 16 yo son who studies … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different…

I am coming out of the closet. I here confess a great weakness: I don’t like to stay focused on one new interest very long. I reach a point where I feel I have learned the steps and I move … Continue reading

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I Think I Am on to Something

Well. That was pretty amazing. Because of my recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetes, I have been exploring a Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) way of eating. It takes me a while to adjust to a new way of living and … Continue reading

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These two words

I find “lovingkindness” and “truth” paired all over the Old Testament. This morning I googled the words to see if anyone else noticed what I had seen. This is just perfect.  

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What Now?

My friends, Aren’t personal letters a rare and precious gift to find in your mailbox? Here’s my letter to you, and in it I will catch you up to date with news of this and that. Having come to grips … Continue reading

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The Invitation of the Bench in the Garden

The luxury of two benches in my garden gives me a seat to contemplate the other, nestled between astilbe and hosta, empty in the shade-dappled sun. It faces the jade-green birdbath tall among geraniums, sun glinting on the rippling water, … Continue reading

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Going back to school

This fall, we hope to be sending our fourth and fifth to college. During Sylvia’s “gap year” she recovered from a broken leg while we looked into art schools. She was accepted by both–and earned the highest presidential scholarship they … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Adventure

My pocketbook was stolen on Thursday morning. I was at fault; the owner provides the first layer of security and I admit I left it on the seat in the pediatrician’s waiting room unsupervised. That was a dumb thing to … Continue reading

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